Monday, February 13, 2012

Letter of February 13, 2012 to Purdue's Chemistry Faculty: Forum for solving Calvin cycle Part I - Purdue's corroboration of NSF's finding of Calvin cycle as deception

Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 12:00 PM
To: Paul Shepson ; Minou Bina ; Trevor Ryan Anderson ; Suzanne C. Bart ; Mahdi Abu-Omar ; Steven Adelman ; Dor Ben-Amotz ; Jean A. Chmielewski ; Ji-Xin Cheng ; Brain C. Dian ; Kyoung-Shin Choi ; Amy L. Davidson ; Chittaranjan Das ; David A. Colby ; R. Graham Cooks ; George M. Bodner ; Hikka I. Kenttamaa ; Dennis H. Evans ; Joseph S. Francisco ; John G. Grutzner ; Christine A. Hrycyna ; Philip L. Fuchs ; Sabre Kais ; Mark A. Lipton ; Peter T. Kissinger ; Philip S. Low ; Andrew D. Mesecar ; Scott A. McLuckey ; Mary B. Nakhleh ; Chengde Mao ; Harry A. Morrison ; Greg Michalski ; David R. McMillin ; M. Daniel Raftery ; Ei-ichi Nehishi ; Jeffrey T. Roberts ; Tong Ren ; P. V. Ramachandran ; Fred E. Regnier ; W. Andy Tao ; Garth J. Simpson ; Paul Wenthold ; Adam Wasserman ; Gabriela C. Weaver ; Lyudmila Slipchenko ; Marcy H. Towns ; Alexander Wei ; Niklai R. Skrynnikov ; David H. Thompson ; Yu Xia ; Chen Yang ; Timothy Zwier ; Jonathan Wilker ; Mary J. Wirth ; Kavita Shah
Subject: Forum for solving Cavin cycle Part I - Purdue's corroboration of NSF's finding of deception

My dear colleagues,
I write to remind you of your duty under the law to prevail upon Professor and Department Head Paul Shepson to correct Purdue’s curriculum for teaching the Calvin cycle.
In Section IV of's Homepage, I attributed to you Purdue's corroboration of the Calvin cycle as “deception,” as described in National Science Foundation's November 6, 1989 letter backed by Dean Yackel’s letter of March 3, 1986. The corroboration provided the grounds for:
1. The December 28, 2011 Post on my Letters Blog, "NOTICE to Purdue Trustees to Show this Correspondence to Candidates to Succeed France Cordova as Purdue President."
2. The January 14, 2012 Post on that Blog, "December 31, 2011 Francis K. Fong's Submission Before Energy Secretary Steven Chu."
The issue involves NSF’s unraveling, by its November 6, 1989 letter, of the Calvin cycle, the dark reaction in photosynthesis, as a product of "deception," contrary to the Berkeley workers' finding of the photosynthetic light reaction, Calvin,M. and Pon,N.G. (1959) J. Cellular Comp. Physiol., 54, Suppl. 1, 51-57, for which Calvin was awarded the 1961 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
In 1995, Purdue president Steve Beering wrote letters, authenticated by the federal court, to explain the Calvin cycle deception in terms of a tax conspiracy, state and federal, financed by federal reimbursement moneys, as follows enforced by the Given and MacLauchlan murders:
(Letter 1) In 1955, Purdue trustees entered into an agreement with Berkeley to use federal reimbursement funding to develop real estate. They issued a newspaper story, Chem. Eng. News 33, 2809 (July 4, 1955), contrary to Calvin's finding of the photosynthetic light reaction, Wilson,A.T. and Calvin,M. (1955) J. Am. Chem. Soc. 77, 5948-5957, for Calvin to establish photosynthesis as a dark reaction, the Calvin cycle, which they enforced by
(Letter 2) the murder, in 1981, of Purdue-Calumet Development Foundation Director Jay Given; and
(Letter 3) that, in 1989, of Carbon Reduction financial vice president Don MacLauchlan, sponsor for my NSF proposal on the Calvin cycle.
The reason I attributed to you Purdue’s corroboration of the Calvin cycle as deception and a tax conspiracy is Dr. Shepson's corroborative letter for you not to controvert NSF's statement. An Affidavit signed September 4, 2010 by Professor John Grutzner explained that corroboration, as shown in Section IV, Homepage, at Fig.1.
My interests are two. First, it's my job to help the U.S. Treasury assess its losses arising from more than five decades of the Calvin cycle, of which I am entitled to 1/3 of its recovery. Second, I want to remind you of your duty under the law for Dr. Shepson to correct Purdue's curriculum to conform with Fong, Francis K. and Butcher, Karen A. (1988) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 150, 399-404, unless, of course, you are not in complete agreement with Dr. Beering’s letters, Dr. Grutzner’s Affidavit of September 4, 2010, my interpretations thereof in Section IV, and/or the path of carbon in Fong and Butcher (1988).
In that case, I would appreciate hearing from you on or before March 15, 2012. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Yours truly,
Francis K. Fong
Chief Science Officer
Professor of Chemistry
Purdue University

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